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We are focused on one thing only: Delighting our clients. We do what it takes to make it right.

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Technology Solutions Providers

At our core we are software engineers, but we understand that building effective software begins with understanding what your business is trying to accomplish: the desired customer experience, user flows, processes and yes, your overall vision.Only then can we begin to tailor an approach for you. One that delights your team and ultimately creates a richer, stickier relationship with your clients. We are driven by a desire to make your business more connected, more automated, more efficient and all of it must be in ultimate service to the customer experience.

Seek first to Understand…

Our Business Analysts will probe to understand your pain points, areas of dissonance in your value proposition, process gaps and your existing technology infrastructure. Often, we our client is the IT department so we focus on building relationships and understanding environments and infrastructure to ensure alignment and success.tracking_icon

See it before we build it.

Design begins with logic not graphics. Graphics represent the logic we understand and have codified in User Stories. Every feature and every requirement must exist to allow a user (human or system) to do something.paam-event-software-tour_custom-modular-scalable-software-application-design_2013005_309x243Px72Dpi

We speak many languages

If all you have is a hammer then every challenge begins to resemble a nail. Our developers are quantitatively assessed to ensure that they are proficient at using many tools. We have experience working in sensitive environments where integrity, process controls and privacy are paramount.


Testing is not optionalWe take testing seriously. Our Testers are independent of our development teams. We develop a full test plan, document test scripts, results and provide a comprehensive test report.software-Testing-Training-in-Chandigarh

Users need docsWe create custom user manuals, installation instructions and other support materials for everything we build.

Deployment isn’t sending an email. When we deploy software we engage. We will meet with you to have a knowledge transfer session ensuring that you understand how the software will integrate into your environment.

90 Days PlusWe provide an automatic 90 days warranty on work we do.  Our 90 day warranty is part of our “make it right” culture.  We also provide maintenance and support services that you can purchase for longer periods.


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Driven by a passion to make your business better.

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